Make An Impact

We're surrounded by visual media most of our waking hours with so much flying by so fast that very few moments truly register. Here at Luminous, we're all about mining for those precious seconds when a viewer is truly engaged with powerful visual storytelling that succinctly hits that perfect note - that feeling, when you connect to the medium on a personal level. That's why we value most what distinguishes us, striving for freshness and emotional impact in everything we do. We don't settle for the cliché and the generic. We prefer bold, innovative branding that invigorates the senses and strikes a chord. We believe the best advertisement can evoke genuine emotions and want to help propel your message in a way that feels inviting rather than invasive. And, our clever team has a history of doing just that.

At Luminous, we've assembled a passionate team with unique, diverse perspectives that together create a fantastic, collaborative environment for you. We're open-minded and highly apt at unearthing the potential of your vision. We are effective communicators who keep you informed and updated throughout our entire process. We are honest and driven people who still value a relaxed atmosphere that nurtures positivity and ingenuity. When production time comes, we're equal parts efficient and proficient, utilizing our technical skills and creative problem-solving abilities to craft a final product that won't meet our expectations until they've exceeded yours!