Pawtucket Police Department


The Ask

With a desire to increase diversity in their squad, the Pawtucket Police Department reached out to us to create a short and long version of a recruitment video in English and in Spanish designed to encourage all members in the community who are interested in law enforcement to join the department.

The Plan

After carful research, we conducted a series of interviews with a diverse group of Pawtucket officers to capture in their own words what serving on the force means to them and why they are dedicated to continue. Compile these testimonials into a crisp, effective, video inspiring others to join.

The Results

Within one month of the video going viral, the Pawtucket Police Department received over 80 applications from properly trained individuals! By making sure to ask the right questions and prepare our interview subjects, most of whom had no experience in front of the camera, we were able to capture their insights authentically in a way that motivated intended viewers to take action and continue their education and career.