The Art of Baseball

Concord Museum

The Ask

The Concord Museum is not just a historic landmark for Massachusetts, it's a must see for history buffs nationwide, housing some of the oldest and most treasured collections of Americana in the country. Yet despite its rich history and frequent circulation of new exhibits, the museum felt it was time to modernize its presentations with videos that would be featured in exhibitions and online. So they came to us with just that challenge.

The Plan

To create a series of informative videos for the Concord Museum's various exhibitions, emphasizing not only the historical importance of these displays, but their modern day relevancy as well.

To do this, our team collaborated with museum staff to absorb as much information as we could on the particular art and artifacts featured in these exhibits. We worked closely with these experts to fully comprehend the content and strategize an approach regarding coverage and interviews. We learned about a wide array of topics, spanning from 1800s artwork depicting the dawn of baseball, to the journals of existentialist author Henry David Thoreau. We interviewed noted historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and we researched this information thoroughly, making sure to highlight the modern day connection to these priceless artifacts. For instance, the journals of Thoreau depicted extensive data on plant life and bird migration in the 19th Century, which have changed dramatically over the centuries as a result of climate change.

Additionally we worked with them to help "archive" an exhibit once it was over, so patrons who missed their chance can experience these presentations on the museum's website and through various social media outlets.

The Results

The Concord Museum is enjoying a surge in visitation as well as an increase in traffic on their website, Twitter and Facebook page. They have attracted big name attention, including a documented visit from movie star and secret history geek, Chris Evans. Additionally the museum has received a great amount positive feedback from visitors praising the addition of our informational videos, which have helped heighten the experience.

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