amber rose slutwalk

video production

Luminous was approached by the team that organizes the Amber Rose SlutWalk, an all-inclusive, non-for profit event hosted by model, actress, and fashion designer Amber Rose. Rose wanted to bring awareness to a grassroots phenomenon that turned a reductive comment from a Toronto police officer into a worldwide movement spanning 200 countries. Our mission was to help spread awareness about this event and do our part to help it grow, creating a series of videos of the festival and promoting this empowering movement in a viral marketing campaign for streaming sites and social media. The Amber Rose SlutWalk is both a serious battle cry for justice and a spirited celebration of pride. We wanted to create a video that captured both sides of this inclusive atmosphere, enticing viewers at home to join in the activism and the camaraderie we witnessed in person. Through on-the-ground interviews with celebrities and everyday citizens alike, we were able to accumulate a surplus of footage that highlighted the energy, elation, and outrage of everyday people from a variety of backgrounds, coming together to reject shame, bigotry, and oppression. From there we edited everything we captured into an visually lively, emotionally rousing summary of the event’s many festivities, from art, music, and fashion performances to the walk itself. The Amber Rose SlutWalk was already an event on the rise, growing in popularity in just a few short years, but a true movement needs to spread on social media and can only do so with a video that attracts newcomers. We’re thrilled to hear our videos have increased traffic to the festival’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as its own website, which inevitably leads to more people in the streets for years to come.