Aqua vault

flex safe

video production

Since putting your phone and wallet in your shoes before a swim isn’t fooling anybody these days, it’s no wonder AquaVault’s portable, waterproof little locker on-the-go called FlexSafe was such a hit on SharkTank. But even that appearance alone wasn’t going to help the company meet its fundraising goals, which is why FlexSafe approached Luminous to create a video for their ambitious Indiegogo page. This video would have to capture the anxiety one feels when leaving their valuable possessions at the beach or pool, followed by the “why didn’t I think of that” simplicity of FlexSafe’s foolproof solution. We engaged the audience and highlighted all the features and what sets FlexSafe apart from the inferior competition. It was also critical for us to highlight practical uses for the product outside beach and pool areas, demonstrating a wide variety of uses in everyday life. As a result, FlexSafe received more than eight times its fundraising goal, reaching $442,000! The video was viewed over 150,000 times. The product was also endorsed by American businessman, investor, television personality, author and motivational speaker Daymond John. FlexSafe was featured on Good Morning America after gaining some traction from the Indiegogo page! FlexSafe has begun to ship their products worldwide.