Friends of prospect park

video production

Luminous was recruited to help Friends of Prospect Park build awareness to potential donors about the significance of Providence's beloved public square and why it’s much-needed renovations will help secure the integrity and aesthetic beauty of this urban sanctuary. Our goal was to create a video for Friends of Prospect Park's crowdfunding page that captures the serenity and elegant design of the park, with its magnificent views, historical monuments, and flourishing botany. We combined eye-opening drone footage with testimonials from the fundraisers, detailing the needs for repair and how these fixes will preserve the park's reputation as one of Providence's most frequented and beloved public spaces. Luminous' video launch helped Friends of Prospect Park immediately reach the $5,000 mark on a crowdfunding site, eventually propelling it to raise a total of $70,000. Without professional video content, such a page would not have been able to generate this level of interest or convince donors of the necessity of the renovation project.