Focused Schools

branding + Graphic Design + Video Production + web design

The Focused Schools is a dedicated team of district leaders and experts, bringing a proven track record of success to underperforming schools across North America. Luminous is honored to have assisted this noble and necessary effort every step of the way, from creating a slick, sophisticated new website, business cards, print ads, banners for conferences, book covers and more. But, as always, we didn’t simply produce content; we took on an entire branding operation that began with several videos for their website, chronicling through inviting visuals and strong, concise testimonials how Focused Schools is reversing the trajectory of so many underperforming institutions in the country. We emphasized in these video shorts, Focused School’s detail-oriented strategies that improve conditions, enhance teacher effectiveness, and deliver undeniable results. 


Better Learning Begins Here


Downey high school getting focused