Franklin Robotics

tertill weeding robot

video production

We were tasked with helping Tertill (a weed-wacking robot from the inventor of the Roomba) achieve its fundraising finish line in time by creating an informational video that could be used on its Kickstarter page and as well as various social media platforms. Since this video could very well be mute when appearing in someone's feed, our video would need to attract the eye  and highlight all of the amazing features that make Tertill such an innovative, delightful and helpful gadget. Our video spread rapidly and is still rising as a social media sensation. The Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns raised more than four times they expected, and brought in over $352,000! Thanks to our footage and the video we created it was viewed over 20 million times in one month! Tertill has raised enough and is now officially in production, and they are going to begin shipping early 2018.