Healthsource RI

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Wanting to be healthy is simple. Understanding all the differences between health insurance providers, plans and coverage options to keep you that way,  however, can get really complicated. If you're a Rhode Island resident, that's where HealthSource RI comes in.

HealthSource RI has been offering flexible health insurance options for individuals, families and businesses in Rhode Island since 2013. They approached us to develop a comprehensive awareness and marketing campaign for their always crucial Open Enrollment period.    

After several discovery meetings to learn about past campaigns and outreach efforts, we uncovered an essential detail that had not been highlighted in any previous marketing campaign: cost. HealthSource RI offers health insurance plans from the state's top providers at the lowest cost yet they never really put that message out in the marketplace. We needed to change that.

In addition to the cost benefit, our strategy with HealthSource RI was to personalize health insurance and make it relatable with universal human stories: a young millennial needing coverage for the first time, small business owners with growing staff needs or a young couple starting a family. We built a campaign focused on HealthSource RI's unique value proposition with approachable illustrations, simple messaging and a whimsical tone -- that would work in two languages -- to take the scare out of finding healthcare coverage and present HealthSource RI as the clear choice for affordable health insurance in Rhode Island.

We Work With What Works
Discovery taught us HealthSource RI's existing tagline "We Work For You" had traction in their marketing. Plus, the client felt it was strong. We agreed. To make it feel like a fresh brand promise, we adapted the tagline with subtle copy changes to fit the "personalized" approach of the new campaign.


Out of Home