Bright Ideas

Bryan Roberts and Ryan Buttie always knew that they’d be in business together. Growing up within walking distance of each other in the suburbs of Cumberland, the childhood friends shared similar creative interests, especially video production. “At first it was just for fun,” says Ryan. “We’d take these videos around town after school and then edit them at one of our houses. We knew pretty quickly that we were on to something.”

They were still in high school when they started making money from event videography and editing. They stayed close after graduating high school in 2009, even as Bryan went to Boston University for digital filmmaking and Ryan went to Rhode Island College for business. Post college, they merged their diverse academic backgrounds to create a production company just over the line in Massachusetts. When the perfect space in Providence – on South Main Street near the Cable Car Cinema and RISD Museum – became available a little over a year ago, Luminous was born. “We saw it as an opportunity to evolve our own company,” Ryan says. Today Luminous is a custom content studio that offers cohesive storytelling for local businesses. “Having grown up in Rhode Island, we are both committed to helping the local community shine,” Ryan says. “We believe that a strong brand coupled with compelling content tells the most powerful stories.”

Luminous offers a suite of creative services such as branding, web and video production designed to be distributed across a variety of platforms. “We developed our pricing and project-based services with small businesses in mind,” Bryan says. Their client list ranges from independently-owned businesses to national companies and includes RISD, Gillette Stadium, Amber Rose Foundation, RI Lottery and Providence Media. They’ve also recently worked with a handful of non-profit organizations, such as the College Hill Neighborhood Association and the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. “We really enjoy crafting stories that connect businesses with their desired audience,” Bryan says. “We take the time to get to know our clients and what their goals are.” From there, the Luminous team develops a messaging strategy that is created to not only set the business apart but also keep the audience engaged. “We are overwhelmed with messaging on our social feeds, email and phones. We aim to produce content that cuts through that clutter, and that inspires and engages,” Ryan says.

With an impressive portfolio of work, a passion for visual storytelling and a commitment to community, Ryan and Bryan are excited about the year ahead. “We feel fortunate to be a part of the Creative Capital,” Ryan says. “We’re thrilled to be able to use our creativity and make an impact for local businesses.”