Rhode island foundation

Video Production

The Rhode Island Foundation serves as a champion, both for community organizations and for individuals. Their mission and priorities are designed to encourage every Rhode Islander to fully participate in the life of our state and be a civic leader. Working with the Foundation we captured impactful videos of each awardee for their 2018 and 2019 annual meeting. These videos were used during the event to give the audience a look inside the powerful work each awardee has done and is doing for the state. We also created a video that was used to open the event and give insight into the annual report from the past year.

2019 Annual Meeting

Community Leadership Award | The college crusade

Harold B. Soloveitzik Professional Leadership Award - Robert Sherwin

Carter Inspiring Partner Award | Tim and Kim Hebert

2019 ANNUAL MEETING Opening Video

2018 Annual Meeting

Harold B. Soloveitzik Professional Leadership Award | Renée A.R. Evangelista

Carter Inspiring Partner Award | Delta Dental of Rhode Island

Community Leadership Award | Care Transformation Collaborative

2018 ANNUAL MEETING Opening Video