rhode island lottery

video production

Americans love playing the lottery, spending $70.15 billion on tickets last year alone. But what happens when you want to generate a surge in purchases right around the busy holiday season? Rhode Island Lottery came to us with that challenge: To promote a Holiday Instant “scented” Ticket Special that appeals to the procrastinator in all of us. With people nowadays circulating two, three, even four households on the holidays, the sheer number of relatives, blood related and beyond, is sometimes more than we can even remember. How does anyone possibly think of a gift for all those aunts, uncles, cousins, and kids, especially when you’re the kind of person who waits until the last possible minute (i.e. all of us.) Everybody Wins is the campaign we launched in 2015. These thirty second spots for TV and Radio were broadcast in both English and Spanish. Our TV ad “Awkward” showcased a young couple about to arrive to her family’s holiday party, cringing at the thought they’ll be the only ones not bearing gifts. Without breaking the bank or being scrooges, they opt for the fastest, most inexpensive way to cover all their bases. Lottery tickets! You don’t even have to wrap them! Since promoting this campaign, Rhode Island Lottery's ticket sales shot up 12% from last December, and Rhode Island Lottery enjoyed 1.5 million more in sales than the previous holiday season! 
And furthermore, thanks to our new ads, RI Lottery’s views on Youtube went from 200 in 2013 to over 10,000 and counting!