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RIHousing was founded on the belief that a good home helps provide the foundation upon which individuals and families thrive, children learn and grow, and communities prosper. With founding beliefs of such high caliber, shaping RIHousing's mission wasn't the problem. Misconceptions dominating the marketplace about what RIHousing did and how they did it was...and that's precisely what we aimed to combat with our comprehensive campaign.

Educating communities that RIHousing strives to ensure all people who live or work in the state can afford a home that meets their needs was our starting point. Highlighting all the services RIHousing provides to accomplish that goal -- namely low-interest loans, down payment assistance, grants, and education to help Rhode Islanders find, rent, buy, build and keep a quality home -- became the talking points we used for target audiences.

Regardless of the audience, developing memorable and approachable messaging was vital for the campaign's success. We tried to uncover life experiences -- such as moving out of a parent's basement, for example -- that were universally relatable but also implied growth and advancement toward the next chapter of life to the individuals living through those experiences. 

Laying the Groundwork
When it came to copy, our overall approach was to avoid any word, phrase or creative copy that implied RIHousing was in the business of giving "handouts." RIHousing is a choice lending resource and development leader in the State of Rhode Island and campaign messaging needed to convey and reflect that. The tone we developed for the messaging was whimsical in some instances, but mostly aspirational -- reaching, yet achievable -- whether directed at consumers or referral partners such as realtors. 

More specifically, we used the phrase and idea of "What's Next" as the connective tissue for messaging directed at both consumer and referral parter audiences. The phrase had already been used as an internal mantra at RIHousing so using it to anchor the "reaching yet achievable" tone of the campaign only made sense. 

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