Trinity Repertory Company

Your home for dramatic discoveries

motion graphics + video production

The Trinity Repertory Company is a critically-acclaimed, Tony award winning theater in the heart of Providence and has endured a reputation as “one of the most respected regional theaters in the country” since 1963. Luminous was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with this cultural landmark, creating hip, eye-popping, videos for their online and traditional media advertising. We strategized with Trinity Rep to make these ads so visually scrumptious and flashy, they would make the most disconnected social media scroller in the world stop for a double take. Even if muted one is sure be immersed in our videos because of our concise visual script overlapping super sped-up footage of a packed theater filling up in seconds. And for one ad in particular, we targeted season ticket buyers specifically, which boosted Trinity Rep’s sales with the promise of an unparalleled theatergoing experience throughout the year.